PlantDrop, Automatic system for watering plants

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Such a simple jet the most effective solution! PlantDrop slowly Watters your plants when you’re on the go or don’t have time to water them by yourself! PlantDrop system can be attached to most plastic bottles, which can be reused instead of thrown away! Simply fill the bottle with water, connect it to PlantDrop and let the watering begin!


  • perfect solution for when you’re on vacation or don’t have enough time
  • Simple system which reuses old plastic bottles
  • Easily Installed and run in minutes
  • Have the best looking plants on your windows, balconies or garden
  • indoor and outdoor use

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Opis izdelka

1. Add water to the plastic bottle. The bottle must be cut at the top to ensure the air circulation and drip irrigation. 2. Insert the PlantDrop needle vertically into the soil and adjust the knob to control the flow. You can adjust the drip speed from 0-60s/drip and 1 bottle can sustain up to 15 days!
After the water storage is completed, the water and fertilizer (optionally) will be sent directly to the roots of the plant. This will result in best looking plants you ever had! Adjust the dripping acording to your plants water needs and you’re ready to go!

Dodatne informacije

  • blue
  • high quality plastic
  • bottle size 27,6mm (most standard plastic bottles)
  • sprinkler, Sprinkler type: spike
  • 20g
  • balconies, flowerpots, gardens
  • 5x PlantDrop system